Snoring &
Sleep Disorders

Snoring & Sleep Disorders

While extremely common in our society today, snoring and sleep disorders are not harmless and can significantly affect your quality of life and health in a negative way.

Most of us are familiar with the noise some people make while sleeping, the snore. Approximately 90 million American adults snore, 37 million do daily. Men more so than women and it becomes worse with age. Snoring disturbs the sleep of all those nearby and it can lead to interrupted and unrefreshing sleep which can then result in poor daytime functioning, accidents, depression and more. Studies consistently show a strong correlation between snoring, sleep apnea and heart disease.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is one of the most common sleep disorders along with insomnia. Insomnia is characterized by difficulty falling or staying asleep. OSA occurs when breathing stops or significantly slows during sleep, triggering the reflex the body uses to wake you up to breathe. While many of these awakenings occur without the individual knowing, OSA can significantly increase one’s risk for depression, obesity, stroke, heart attacks and cancer. Not everyone who has OSA snores, and it affects children as well as adults.

At Strong Ties Oral Health, Dr. Britney Green is proud to offer dental solutions for those struggling with sleep apnea and other sleep disorders that disrupt normal breathing patterns. While dental appliances are extremely successful when custom-fitted by a dentist specialized in oral appliances for OSA, they are only indicated for mild to moderate cases. For those, that think they are mild and are looking to alternative ways to treat or are struggling with their CPAP/oral appliance, call for an appointment with Dr. Green at Strong Ties Oral Health today.

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